Suiyôbi No Campanella - Jugemu vinyl

Suiyōbi No Campanella, right in time for Xmas

Suiyōbi No Campanella, one of the most talked-about Japanese band at the moment, is having a brand new record out right in time for Christmas on Specific Recordings!
Jugem’ je t’aime is a six-songs original record whose tracklist (NapoléonMarie-Antoinette, Jeanne d’Arc…) refers to the particular bonds that unite France and Japan. It’ll be officially out in a couple of weeks both in Europe and Japan.
Housed in a flashy artwork courtesy of Alegori graphic studio (Tokyo) made in collaboration with Komuai, the band’s charismatic and mischievous singer, and presenting an exclusive laser-etched b-side which, put side by side, give an explanation to its rather mysterious title, our seventeenth reference will be released in a convenient three-into-one version: one yellow wax LP + one CD + one download coupon.
With a 700 unit one-time only pressing, Jugem je t’aime will be available for orders and downloads right here and via our distribution network (like here) on December 18th 2015.

Suiyôbi No Campanella - B-side

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