• The Adelians

    The Adelians: our first soul record out on Feb. 15th

    Our next release will be unleashed in less than a month and it’s a new fruitful collaboration with the marvelous Q-Sounds Recording from Montreuil. If you like it hot, fuzzy and catchy as hell, you will undoubtedly be obliged to stomp and dance to the first Adelians album, one of France’s best female fronted soul unit (listen to their first track here)! Available everywhere on Feb. 15th 2016. Sortir des disques de soul, on en a toujours rêvé. Et grâce à nos chers amis de Q-Sounds Recording, c’est en passe d’arriver : notre première collaboration avec cet excellent label de fins connaisseurs (aka les hommes qui travaillent, entre autres, dans l’ombre des talentueuses Little Clara et Charlène) prendra officiellement effet le 15 février avec l’album de The Adelians, une véritable déclaration d’amour au genre, qu’il s’agisse de soul légèrement naïve et acidulée en français ou puissante et sauvage en anglais. Un[…]

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  • Suiyôbi No Campanella - Jugemu vinyl

    Suiyōbi No Campanella, right in time for Xmas

    Suiyōbi No Campanella, one of the most talked-about Japanese band at the moment, is having a brand new record out right in time for Christmas on Specific Recordings! Jugem’ je t’aime is a six-songs original record whose tracklist (Napoléon, Marie-Antoinette, Jeanne d’Arc…) refers to the particular bonds that unite France and Japan. It’ll be officially out in a couple of weeks both in Europe and Japan. Housed in a flashy artwork courtesy of Alegori graphic studio (Tokyo) made in collaboration with Komuai, the band’s charismatic and mischievous singer, and presenting an exclusive laser-etched b-side which, put side by side, give an explanation to its rather mysterious title, our seventeenth reference will be released in a convenient three-into-one version: one yellow wax LP + one CD + one download coupon. With a 700 unit one-time only pressing, Jugem je t’aime will be available for orders and downloads right here and via our[…]

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  • Bis Kaidan

    BiS Kaidan 2: preorder now!

    BiS Kaidan are back with a vengeance, and a very loud one to top it off! The Japanese all-star band is still playing its very own brand of music, perverting the quirkiness of metal influenced idol tunes with a love for shrieking and uncompromising sonic assaults. On this second offering, they deliver seven brand new renditions of their now typical idol-noise music with a fierce and destructive energy. But then, what else can you expect from Hijo Kaidan and BiS members ? As their first LP sold out in only 3 weeks, we thought you might like to preorder their second and final record, and get it before its official release, which is due for the 1st of September. Can’t wait for an entire month or maybe a little more? Just click on the “Preorder now” button here!

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  • pspe_signed2-640x3202

    Passepied: almost sold out… in only 3 weeks!

    Thanks to you all, dear J-music fans, and to our kind distributors, Passepied’s Makunouchi-ism European limited edition is almost sold out! Just to let you know, we actually got less than 10 copies left in stock, available here or via our shop La Face Cachée. Grâce à vous tous, chers fans de J-music, ainsi qu’à nos courageux distributeurs, l’édition européenne du Makunouchi-ism de Passepied est quasiment sold out et ce, en trois petites semaines seulement ! Pour les retardataires, sachez qu’il nous reste moins de 10 copies en stock, disponibles ici ou via La Face Cachée.  

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  • geo_1

    Release party: 18/06/2015 – Dr Geo on film + live @ Le Palace Metz

    La release party des Lo-Fi Studies de Dr Geo se tiendra le jeudi 18 juin au cinéma Le Palace (Metz) à partir de 22 h. Au programme : diffusion du film créé par Bertrand Ricciuti pour l’occasion, avant de laisser place à notre scientifique préféré pour un concert qui fera rimer dub avec psyché. Toute une expérience… Entrée : 2 € / 10 € avec le LP. Dr Geo’s Lo-Fi Studies release party will take place on Thursday June 18th at Cinéma Le Palace in Metz (France). It will start at 10 PM with Bertrand Ricciuti’s psychedelic movie especially produced for the album and will end with a feverish live show. We promise an intriguing and exciting experience… Admission: 2€ / 10€ including LP.

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