• Release Date: April 20, 2013
  • Catalog No: SPCFC003-2013
  • Label: Specific
  • Type: Indie Rock
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- Forces

  • Avalanche

  • Quicksand

  • Talkin Easy

  • Timeless Outrage

  • Brand New Well Worn Suit

  • In My Lovin

12′, 385 copies, black wax, 150 gr

RIYL: Stevie Wonder, Fred Neil, Bon Iver


Michael O’Connell aka CULTURE REJECT offers us 6 brand new songs of his favorite indie folk meets 70’s soul crossover. This is by far the sweetest and most thoughtful coming out of Canada right now.

We’re in love with Michael O’Connell. The way he sings. The way he writes. The way he smiles and laughs, even when your joke is a terrible one. It is kindness in its purest form. It is generosity in shape of a song. It is genius because it is not showing it off. Never. That’s what make Michael so special. In times when you have to be bragging about how cool your music is, anytime, everywhere, he has chosen to go the total opposite. Listening to his songs might change your life. And meeting him will be the best thing that’ll ever happen to you.

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