• Release Date: June 18, 2015
  • Catalog No: SPCFC012-2015
  • Label: Specific
  • Type: Experimental and Psyche
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- The Lo​-Fi Studies

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LP, 500 copies, black wax, 180 gr

RIYL: Blur, Sly & Robbie, DeFacto, Serge Gainsbourg, Sébastien Tellier


The many faces of Dr Geo. This time, he shows his more experimental side on this great compilation of Optigan inspired music that previously came out on CD on Chez Kito Kat. You will need a lot of different drugs to fully comprehend his accidental whereabouts, but it’ll definitely be worth the trip.
To us, Geo is more than a musician or a friend. He is blood. He is family. He is our brother. There’s not one single moment when we do not whistle or hum one of the many sweet melodies that he wrote throughout the 20-something years that we’ve been spending together. Side by side. Releasing a solo record of his is truly an honour and we’re glad being able to bring the more experimental dubby side of his pop music vision to your ever-wanting more ears.

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