• Release Date: October 17, 2014
  • Catalog No: SPCFC009-2014
  • Label: Specific
  • Type: Electro and Experimental
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- Documents Synthétiques

  • Documents Synthétiques

  • Hanami

  • Off In Tambov

  • Omnia Vincit Amor

  • 1970 (Mr. Bios remix)

  • In The Moog For Love

  • Le Tour De France Cycliste

  • Centaur

  • Sabotage (Artaban remix)

LP, 500 copies, black wax, 180 gr

RIYL: Goblin, Zombi, Kraftwerk, Zombie Zombie


Documents Synthétiques is an ode to vintage synthetizers and the oh so great repetitive beats that were delightfully crafted in Germany in the 70’s. In short, if you like krautrock and the progressive experimental French music scene, NO DRUM NO MOOG just might be the musical wonder you didn’t expected.
Can you hear the sound of the vintage synthetizer ? I mean, can you really hear it ? Of course, you’ve heard it. You can’t do without it. Once ignored and banished from the rock music scene, it’s been almost ten years since Mr Moog got back in style. And along with him, a whole wide bunch of bands celebrating more than 40 years of analogic vibrations. NO DRUM NO MOOG is one of them. NO DRUM NO MOOG is one of the best of ‘em. Blending their love for french prog and german krautrock alongside some pop and noise sensibilities, they attack you with their minimal/maximalist waves of tribal rhythms and eerie keys, taking no prisoners and embarking you on a journey to a colourful void of space and nothingness.

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