• Release Date: October 26, 2013
  • Catalog No: SPCFC004-2013
  • Label: Specific
  • Type: Indie Rock and Pop
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- Le Lit

  • Brooke Shield's Alphabet

  • Tide-Ride

  • Of Flesh & Bonds

  • A Constant War

  • Double Dare, Do

  • Fool Lover

  • Push The Envelope

  • The Bed

12′, 350 copies, black wax, one-sided, 150 gr

RIYL: Blonde Redhead, The Kills, Beck, Twin Sister


RAYMONDE HOWARD likes it short. With this record called le Lit, she did a soundtrack to the movie of the same name. Expect some infectious and « I just can’t get em outta my head » songs in her traditional trademark aka choruses and lalala’s that won’t be easy to forget.

Raymonde is as sharp and cute as Rowland. She knows how to play guitar as well. Looping voices and riffs, that’s her thing. Creating 90 seconds masterpieces after masterpieces. The shorter, the more efficient. She’s got the sense of pop. Writing catchy choruses that stick to your brain forever. A real talent. Yes, she’s amazing and I don’t need to write a stupid biography or explain why. Just listen to her goddamn songs.

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