• Release Date: June 08, 2014
  • Catalog No: SPCFC008-2014
  • Label: Specific
  • Type: Psyche
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- Yellow King

  • Dim Figures

  • The Calling

  • My Heart Is A Bottomless Pit

LP, 300 copies, yellow marble one sided laser-etched, screen-printed obi, 180 gr

RIYL: The Black Angels, Radio Moscow, Night Beats


If you’re into the neo psychedelia trend, YELLOW KING’s one and only one-sided album might be the best thing to come out of the everblooming French music scene, blending just the exact amount of acid tabs and hardcore spices to make your day.


Part heavy bluesy spacecake, part psychedelic pop tab, YELLOW KING’s take on the much loved 70’s music is a very personal one. Those ex and actual members of (in total randomness) MY LOVELY UNDERGROUND, POINCARE, HYACINTH, DEAD FOR A MINUTE, CRCV, TWIN PRICKS, MENY HELLKIN and many more add a pachydermic groove, ultra melodic vocals, three tons of solos and a somehow 90’s approach to their basic acid sound, crafting songs to remember that are sure to please every fuzzheads around.

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